CV-Sonic Pro Calorimeter 

CV-Sonic Pro Calorimeter for Relative Density Measurement

The COSA Xentaur CV-Sonic Pro calorimeter for COSA CV SONIC PRO COSA CV-Sonic Pro Calorimeter relative density measurement is a fixed gas calorimeter in a flame-proof enclosure (explosion-proof class: Ex dⅡB+H2 T4) designed for continuous, fast-response measurement of the “Calorific value,” “Density,” and “WOBBE index” of various fuel gases such as natural gas, coke oven gas, blast furnace gas, converter gas, biomass gas, and biogas.

The CV-Sonic calorimeter measures the speeds of “light” and “sound” that travel through the measuring gas by using an “optical sensor” and a “sonic sensor” and applying the Opt-Sonic calculation processing* to the measuring result. This enables the high-accuracy measurement of “Calorific value” and “Density” of fuel gases containing interference gases such as nitrogen and carbon dioxide.

  • CV-Sonic calorimeter can be used with minimum equipment even under constraint conditions with its high environmental resistance
  • Has advanced self-monitoring/diagnostic functionality compliant with NAMUR NE107 (self-monitoring/diagnostic of field devices)
  • Offers functions for performing real-time status monitoring for devices and informing abnormal statuses and maintenance requests with LCD display and contact output
  • Has log data auto-save function that records the history of “operation statuses” and “self-diagnostic results” for a year or longer
  • Provides output of the log data via IrDA communication which can be used for high-quality maintenance/follow-up services
  • Turnkey “complete stand-alone unit structure” consists of standardized units.
  • Quick repair and recovery can be achieved just by replacing a faulty unit on site


  • Gas Turbine
  • Fuel Gas Optimizing
  • Gas Boiler Optimizing
  • Appliance Performance
  • Natural Gas
  • Custody Transfer
  • City Gas
  • Energy Accounting

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