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Xentaur XDT Explosion Proof

XENTAUR XDT Explosion Proof

XDT in explosion proof enclosure, UL approved for use in Hazardous Locations Class I Division 1 Groups B, C & D;


COSA's dew point meter is suitable for hazardous and and exlosive areas.

  • Hazardous Locations Class I Division 1 Groups B, C & D

Features and Benefits

  • Customizable Configuration
  • High Quality Materials
  • Reliable Dew Point Measurements
  • Explosion Proof Options
  • Long Sensor Life
  • Low Installation Cost

Xentaur Hyper-Thin-Film (HTF) AL2O3™ Moisture Sensor Technology

The model XDT uses a Xentaur HTF™ Aluminum Oxide sensor. The breakthrough HTF™ sensor technology represents advances in thin film and metal oxide sciences and offers significant performance advantages over all other aluminum oxide sensors.The operating principle of the HTF™ aluminum oxide sensors is that a hygroscopic layer of aluminum oxide adsorbs or releases water molecules within its pores, depending on the water vapor pressure in its environment. The electrical capacitance of the aluminum oxide layer changes with the surrounding water vapor pressure. The electrical capacitance is measured between the aluminum core of the sensor and a porous conductive gold layer on the outside.The advantages of the HTF sensor technology are a result of the proprietary manufacturing method in which the aluminum oxide layer is made to be hyper thin as well as extremely hygroscopic. This results in a very sensitive sensor with fast response.

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