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Agribusiness, Food & Beverage

COSA Xentaur Corporation is a leading global supplier of measurement solutions to the agriculture industry.

The agricultural industry depends highly on the quality of their end product. Besides meeting regulatory requirements there are many chemical parameters involved in the handling, storage and transportation of agricultural products that are central to the usability of the product. Historically many of these parameters could not be measured real time resulting in losses in product. COSA Xentaur’s innovative measurement solutions now provides real time measurements for many agricultural processing needs.

COSA Xentaur’s new SpinPulse™ brings affordable NMR Technology for many common used applications in the Agriculture industry. These are the determination of Solid Fat Content (SFC), Oil and Water in Seeds and Nuts, Fat and Moisture Content in Milk Powder and the estimation of Solid Protein Content in Milk-based Products. These are just a few examples of the use of our NMR technology in the agriculture industry.

In addition COSA Xentaur offers High-precision relative humidity and temperature meter (hygrometer) for agricultural use. Our instruments focus on moisture control in applications such as in ripening, packaging, storage, transportation of food, climate control and many more.

COSA Xentaur partners with you to provide analytical testing instrumentation for laboratory and process that meets industry requirements through, installation, training and support with superior service.


From supplying on-line moisture measurements for beverage grade CO2 production and distribution to making laboratory measurements for iodine, COSA Xentaur has decades of experience in food and beverage applications.

While still supplying Karl Fischer based instruments to the laboratory, the COSA Xentaur product line has expanded into making on-line moisture measurements via the SpinPulse TD-NMR product line in solids and liquids.

The SpinPulse product line can also analyze oil and moisture content in various foodstuffs as well as solid fat content (SFC) in dairy and chocolate products. For more complex analysis of food processing in the lab, at-line or on-line.

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